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  1. evik

    Ways to work with Buzzcity

    Hi guys I'm reading here for a while and it has been very helpful, hope to start sharing some of my own success, so thank you all :) I have some experience with FB ads and now I'm looking to start working with Buzzcity for some mobile offers. Is there a cool way to do split tests in buzzcity? Or...
  2. D

    Mobpartner + Buzzcity - Test Link

    Hi I am new in the mobile marketing world. I decided that I'll start with Mobpartenr and BuzzCity. I do not have a technical background, but I'm learning fast. My affiliate manager at mobpartner asked me to send them a test link to see that everything working right. Is this the target URL i...
  3. S

    Something weird with buzzcity

    Recently, I launched a CPI campaign targeting android platforms in Ghana using the traffic source, but I surprised with this result: I have got 277 click from Buzzcity and only 108 show up on the CPA network CPA Network the worst thing is that they don't send traffic from...