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  1. Abhi Shah

    Announcement Send Unlimited Cold Emails

    Check this out - An AI driven Bulk Email Marketing Service | SwipeMail SwipeMail ( is fastest growing ESP of the globe with Industry leading delivery rate. Cheapest - Price is almost 75% less than other global ESP’s like MailChimp, Aweber, ConstantContact etc. Fastest - Using...
  2. walidbangad

    Install Power MTA with mailwizz ana rotated IPs - advice please!

    Hello I'm a newbie in email marketing. I have a massive list, and I have a product to sell. I've used Cpanel web mail (round cube), but Ididn't reach thedelivrabilty of my emails, a lot emails have been rejected. If a use powermta and mailwizz with the rotated IPs on a dedicated service, can I...