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  1. princetime21

    Expert Affiliate Publishers Help Needed to Clarify Terms

    I am a very new publisher. Recently completed several cpa affiliate marketing course and promoted offers from maxbounty and got several leads through search marketing. Later MaxBounty manager saying I did the brand bidding and I might not be paid for the leads I generated. Also, their managers...
  2. Calvin Jones

    Steps for Increasing Visibility Online

    Do you want to get visible in the pool of websites? Try the simple tips listed below: These tips and techniques will make your site boost with traffic and will maximize your ROI making you able to enjoy the top rankings. Title Tag Title tags can help you grow your visibility. All you have to...
  3. V

    Looking for an advice of publishers

    Hi, I am interested to advertise my Brand goods throw affiliate marketing. We produce high quality leather bags. Brand name - Time Resistance established in 2015. And in first year we make profit just with regular ecommerce sales but I would be much happier to get attention of more sales...
  4. Jen_

    Which books or blogs for marketing are your favourite ?

    I'd like to make a list of literature worth to read. Something like: D.Ogilvy "Confessions of an Advertising Man", Marty Neumeier "The number one strategy of high-performance brands"... What can you recommend ?