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bing + clickbank

  1. D

    Hello everyone in this awesome forum ...

    I am Darko and I am very happy to be here
  2. JonathanB

    Announcement Affiliate Summer Contest: Win Up To $1.000 in Bonuses!

    Summertime is Last-Minute Weight Loss time... And that means sweet-as-icecream Extra-Ca$h for YOU! Help your audience get their "last minute beach body" and earn 75% commission per sale! SUMMER CONTEST BONUSES: UNTIL JUNE, 30TH 2019 Start promoting our latest ClickBank Offer: Hack Your Carbs...
  3. M

    looking for a mentor!

    Hello, I'm looking for a mentor who is absolutly CRUSHING IT with Bing Ads! My goal is to learn how to create successful campaigns in short periods of time with CPA offers, Pay Per Lead offers or physical products to sell through bing ads. I want to MASTER whatever strategy your doing for...
  4. obajoey

    BingAds Budget Setting (Help)

    Hello Everyone, Please I am new to bingads and I am about creating a campaign. So I need help setting the campaign budget, I am stuck between Standard (spend your budget evenly through the day) and the Accelerated (spend your budget as quickly as possible). Also, I need a simple explanation on...
  5. S

    Bing help

    Can anyone help in creating bing account with VCC
  6. Hus_aan

    $10 Budget for Bing ads

    Hello Fixers, I am planing to set Bing ads for this black Friday. i have budget of $10. Can i run in this budget? I am planning to run clickbank offers ... It will work or not..? Please share your reviews and help me to get some profit from it..
  7. wins247

    Bing journey to $500/day

    After a lot of research on affiliate marketing I've decided to take action and start this journey to keep focused as I try to apply what I've read. Day 1: Traffic to begin with: Bing Affiliate platform: Clickbank Signed up with a tracker Selected 2 products in the same niche. Currently...
  8. Evan Forsyth

    How long does it take for Bing AD to be approved?

    Hi Guys, I'm just starting out with pay per click ads on Bing and curious how long is the average rate for your new Ad to be approved. Thankyou Guys. I'm promoting a clickbank offer with the ad. Can I ask what is a good number of keywords to have for your ad.
  9. kralcx

    My Beginner's Journey on Clickbank

    I've been doing a lot of research and have come to the conclusion that throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks is not the best way to make money with Clickbank (or anything else for that matter); so I'm going to use a system. My initial thoughts were Bing PPC to Clickbank. I'm going to...
  10. S

    Bing Help

    Hi there, I'm struggling to understand how to fix this problem with my funnel. Bing sent me this: As per checking, we noticed that after clicking the Click Here button of the page, searchers will be redirected to another website whose domain is different. The landing page’s top level domain...
  11. S

    My Affiliate Marketing Journey

    So far, starting out has been extremely difficult amid all the amazing content I have consumed. Currently switching my tracking from Adsbridge to Propser202.. long story. My current campaign is from Click Bank, and I'm using BingAds as my traffic source. I would love to get to know anyone...
  12. thproductbikm

    URL Scraper for bing ads

    hi what's URL Scraper how I can use url scaper with bing ads plz give me more explain and thank you
  13. thproductbikm

    I have 100$ what can I do for earn money

    hi guys I have 100 $ but I dont know how I start to earn money and from where start I'm sorry my english not good I want start with ads bing+clickbank but I need website spy tool what do I do ? plz give me suggest
  14. shafi kasmani

    Help me Bing Ads + Clickbank? Direct link vs landing page link

    last 4 months i spent bing ads for direct link url from clickbank! some profits and some loss! this month better for direct linking and landing page! i feel that landing page is more profit than some profits in direct linking! did you experience landing page and direct linking for clickbank on...