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  1. John_Vianny

    Are Affiliates Getting Fired?

    A worrying pattern appears to be capturing on with popular merchants recently. The pattern is the propensity for a few of these business to start victimizing brand-new or unskilled affiliates and in fact FIRE them! Getting rid of an ineffective affiliate is reasonable; nevertheless, having an...
  2. Vidmantas V

    Facebook ad account

    Hi guys, My situation: I have used my facebook account, my wife account and few more to run facebook ad's on blackhat method a while back. Now all of these accounts are suspended from creating ad's and if I try to add my bank card on a new ad's account it get's suspended aswell. Any idea how to...
  3. phoenixhaxor

    Adscendmedia- Banned, Accused of fraudulent Traffic AND Exchange rate fraud

    i recently started my CPA business and decided to have a go with adscendmedia they seem quite professional, but they have suspended my account because of "fraud traffic and editing of the exchange rates" which i didn't do. i tried my best to battle the fraud by blacklisting millions of IPs...