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  1. IM_Newbie

    [BUDGET] Must Have Marketing Tools

    Hi there fellas. Im wondering about what is everybody MUST-HAVE marketing tools list that covers everything from keyword research, competitive analysis, competitor analysis, all about SEO, social media management, ltracking, VPNs, proxies, etc., everything you need in order to profit from this...
  2. lafftar

    30 Day SEO Journey

    I've had some experience with SEO, but it was mostly churn and burn. Back in 2014, I made a churn and burn campaign to a BH Campaign ( tracker) with Google Docs as my money page. I was ranked 1st for a keyword with 22,000 searches per month, it was my first (medium-term) success with...
  3. E


    Any suggestions on how to get a good credible back link profile? I am pretty new to this so looking for any advice possible. Thanks Emma xx
  4. Alom1

    How to improve your ranking

    How to determine good backlinks? Also, how to protect the website from negative SEO? I am very new to the affiliate tho'. Launched my blog 6 month ago and can't get it to top ranking as competition gets tougher. Any tips and suggestions are much appreciated Thanks
  5. Ifalaye

    Ask Me Anything Increase Your Traffic

    Top SEO marketers know that high PR links, are the fastest, safest, and most effective way to improve site ranking. Through Rockets Traffic link building service, you can easily add high quality backlinks across our exclusive private network of 2,000+ high page rank, aged, and/or authority and...
  6. Ifalaye

    Announcement Homepage, Comments, Articles, Trackback & Contextual Backlinks

  7. Ihe

    12 Things You Should Do To Rank In Google!

    I wrote this article for my website and I think it will benefit members of this forum so I decided to paste the article here. If Mod think this thread is against the rules of the forum, kindly delete. 1. Mobile Friendly: Google prefers sites that pass their mobile friendly test since it...