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  1. Kotiro

    Why do I need to do both autoresponder sequence and broadcast in email marketing?

    Hello everyone! I'm just starting and I'm trying to do email marketing. I wonder why I need to use broadcast emails if I can put all my emails into autoresponder sequence? Is it ok to do so if my content is evergreen and I'm not planning to do limited time offers? For example, can I just...
  2. A

    The reality of building free leads through the social media.

    The reality of generating tons of free leads through the social media platforms precisely through Facebook cannot be over emphasized yet a good percentage of online marketers, say over 75% are still struggling to get leads via these medias. The question is what must be responsible for it?
  3. John_Vianny

    SendLane Is Good or Not?

    Ive seen lots of Solo Ad seller advice the new autoresponder SendLane. Even JvZoo has partnered with them. It's said that SendLane has the ability to deliver the message at the most opening time the users have opened the previous ones.... IS IT TRUE? Ive also red about some users who has...
  4. John_Vianny

    Active Campaign USERS: Delivery problems?

    I currently uses ActiveCampaign, cause it only has this feature: "GoTo" which allows in an automation to set the prospect to "jump" to another point of the automation after a split as an example. This allows you to set as an example: if the prospect didnt receive the mail, send another version...