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  1. kamall allen

    Glad to be apart of the community

    hi the name is kamall and am North American living in Europe..I have been apart of just a few forum site most I wasn't comfortable with because of neglectful coach or just comfortable in general the community is just not helpful.. Hoping to enjoyed the comfort and assistance from some of the...
  2. Tarun Keshrani

    Best Giveaway NEED Assistance

    Hello friends, This is Tarun and i am a app developer. as my friends tell me once for do a giveaway. i have done few but thats not enough as world is free for all as giveaways so i created a site named as BEST GIVEAWAY and i started to search for giveaways and put it there so everyone who want...
  3. Old Pal

    Wanna Mentor Me?

    Mentors, Teachers, Tutors: So I'm maybe halfway to getting a functional offer and ad running. Or maybe I'm only ten percent ACTUALLY done. I can't see the finish line. Tracking feels complicated. Changing DNS A records and CNAME records was more than I knew from the start. But these are...