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  1. JamesCrum

    Hello everyone, Affiliate marketing novice to ask questions

    Hello everyone, I learned a lot of affiliate marketing knowledge through this forum, thank you affiliatefix. Thank you for your enthusiastic sharing. I am from China. I am currently a freshman. My English is not very good. I can't read fluent English. I have been learning how to market and...
  2. V

    What do you think of PubNative as Advertiser?

    What do you think of PubNative as Advertiser?
  3. E


    Hi guys i want to ask you some question about cpa for newbie i didn't make any campaign yet i wonder if you can help me or suggest to me some ideas to start to start with i have no budget that's the big problem for me i have just 100$ you can suggest to me anything cheers!
  4. PatrikJanda

    How much information?

    Do you have any experience with amount of info needed to get interest of publishers for you affiliate program? Is it, in you experience, better to give just an idea of whats going on, introduce the product and say here you go or to flood them with details about the program?