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  1. DableGlobal

    [Case Study] Success Cases for Dable Native Ads

    Hello, this is Dable, No.1 native ad network in Asia. With this global leading network, you can promote your products or services to 3,000+ premium media in Asian regions including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia! Today, we are going to explain what...
  2. alphazhen

    New in CPA marketing - focus on building publisher community in Asia-Pacific region

    Hi there.. I just started my job in CPA network for the past few months and I've been struggling to gather so many information in a short time. My job is to recruit and retain new affiliates in my network. I wanted to understand about the industry and what's the latest trend. I'm based in...
  3. Alex admitad

    According to the Research, up to 20% of cross-border shopping will be represented by ecommerce

    More and more often consumers are interested to buy products online from the overseas countries through cross-border ecommerce channels; sometimes due to less level of prices in comparison to their home markets. When domestic market has fewer online retailers or fewer product options online...
  4. B

    Affiliate networks for mobile CPA offers ?

    Hello Guyes i need some affiliate networks that provide lot of mobile cpa offers in Asia and Africa

    Affiliate Marketing Forums around the globe

    Hi everybody, did someone of you heard about Affiliate Marketing Forums, specializing in - LatAm - Africa - Asia - Middle-East Thanks guys!
  6. viktor_sch

    Popup ad network with physical presense in APAC

    Looking for an ad network with popup/popunder traffic that is physically presented in Asia or Oceania. Delivery servers and prefferably DNS to be located in there. I need to scale my campaigns up. Does anybody have a suggestion? Or mb we have representatives here? Sorry if thread is misplaced...
  7. J

    Buying Traffic TS Recommendation for Banner displays in SE Asian countries

    Please recommend traffic sources for Banner Display ads in South East asian countries where the initial deposit is not too much and the daily budget should start from $5-$10. They should have CPC option as well.