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  1. R

    Seeking Help How to delete pixel\dataset, shared via Graph API

    Hey everyone-) I am using Graph API to share my datasets and pixels from BM to other ad accounts and now I need to revoke permissions to my pixel for ad acc, but I don't know how. In case I am using API for sharing - there is nothing in Connected Assets and Partnets in BM settings for shared...
  2. M

    Connecting own landing page to the offer

    Hi, I'm just getting started so this is a bit over my head. I want to use my own landing page with a clean URL like example(dot)com as the offer page I'm using Funnelish to build the website. My domain is with Namecheap. I'm working with Dr. Cash network I'm confused on what the next steps are...
  3. J

    looking for mVAS offer

    Hi Connections!!! I am looking for direct advertiser who owns PIN submit offer in MENA, LATAM and APAC countries with 100% carriers coverage, we've got huge volumes of in-app inventory there. S2S or Pin API integration are avaliable.
  4. Y

    Adcombo API integration

    Hello everyone! Hi, I am an affiliate marketer at adcombo, I promote nutra offers I'm looking for a guide to create an API and use my own landing pages ? can anyone help me I will be grateful, Thank you
  5. Honeybadger

    New Video: Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0

    Amazon Associates YT channel wasn't updated for a year But I just noticed they posted this 2 weeks ago
  6. L

    API for product shipping country

    Hello, I am using rehub theme with content egg (wordpress) and I'm trying to put affiliate links on my site only for specific chosen products, usually from Amazon. The most important thing is that these products I chose will ship to my country, otherwise my customers will clearly not make the...
  7. Affmy

    Offer Wanted Hi! Dating advertisers wanted

    Hey guys, Are there any Dating advertisers who work on API? Ping me on
  8. liam1102

    Someone please help me for set API Adcombo to Wordpess...

    Hi Guys, I would like to set API Adcombo to Wordpess. Someone pls help me fot that. Thank you!
  9. E

    Affiliate Landing Page

    Hello guys, Looking to hire Landing page tied with aff system integration. Please pm
  10. B

    Apidge - a bridge to connect api interface

    Hi everyone We are apidge, the api integration platform. We provide the function that u can get offer from your advertiers automatically. u can check our website by the link : we have integrated many system.for example: Source System: FuseClick, Affise, OffersLook Yeahmobi, Avazu...
  11. B

    How to integrate Advertiser System quickly by API

    Hello Everyone If u get a new advertiser, u maybe wanna integrate advertiser by Api. Through API, U can get the newest Campaigns quickly and save much time to avoid create/edit/pause offer. But most of Affiliate Network/Publisher will spend much money to find a tech that write code to...
  12. K

    Affiliates Wanted Opportunity with Highest Star-Rated Title Loan Processor

    With Max Cash Title Loans’ affiliate program, you can expect a higher payout from us. We are the highest star-rated title loan processor. With conversion rates for leads between 10-35% based on traffic source, you can expect to receive more money. Our affiliate program offers 5-10% of the...
  13. craig88

    PHP Code Help Needed - Adcombo

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to do an API intergration so that my webpage sends a customers details directly to the network so they can then follow up with the order. But I'm struggling with PHP code not being correct. This is the help URL which they have provided: Incoming orders API - AdCombo Docs -...
  14. GaryCook

    Facebook offline conversions for CPA?

    Hi, Is anybody using the Facebook Offline Conversions API for CPA marketing? Since most networks don't accept the normal conversion pixel I was thinking that maybe a good way to track conversions instead? Most networks allow firing a URL. I have not tried it before but I do know a lot of PHP.
  15. B

    how to choose a tracking platform

    Hello ,everybody. Which tracking platform can support API integration? At present, our company is considering choosing a tracking platform.But our company is mainly automated operation, so the performance requirements of API is relatively high. Can Hasoffer obtain data in real time by...
  16. I

    What do you think of the new Instagram features?

    I'd like to hear your personal opinion :) My thoughts: Apparently now you can switch over your personal account to a business one where you can sync it with facebook and get analytics regarding how many people visit your insta? I wouldn't know because even after I updated our Adnium account...
  17. Mobrand

    Mobrand - CPI Monetization

    Hello, I represent Mobrand, a CPI monetization platform. We put app developers in control. We are connected to several CPI networks and our cutting edge technology drives demand competition, improves fill rates, and increases revenues for developers. We're here to read great content and...
  18. DaynaAdnium

    Announcement Adnium: Advanced Targeting, Mobile and Web Traffic

    Hello Everyone, is our CPMv, RTB Network catering to both publishers and affiliates/media buyers alike! Being a CPMv network, impressions are only counted if your ad is loaded and in the user's view-port meaning advertisers get the most out of their campaign's budget. Adnium also...