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  1. Eugene_Trafficsourcer

    How To Make Money In The Antivirus Niche In Tier 2 and 3 Countries

    In one of the discussions, I promised to share my experience on how to make money on antivirus offers using push traffic. Promoting antivirus offers in Tier 2-3 countries is one of the most promising areas in the world of online advertising. Such offers are highly in demand, especially among...
  2. IrakliC

    Case Study from Kadam: ROI 40% on Push-Notifications, Norton antivirus, and the USA

    Case studies on tier-1 countries always attract attention. We couldn’t pass by this fact, so that’s why we share the story of an advertiser who launches the traffic on Norton antivirus in the USA and Canada. In less than a month he earned 105 260 rubles (about $1350). How it was? We give him a...
  3. L

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for antivirus cleaner installs

    Hi there, We are looking for affiliates to run desktop software CPI offers for both Mac & Windows: - High converting campaigns : antivirus cleaner - Worldwide coverage - Payment on request possible (depending on the volumes) Contact us at for additional details ;)...
  4. Navid

    How to do A/B testing on a antivirus offer?

    Hey I'm kind of new to affiliate marketing and want to do an A/B test on my 4 pre-landers. I have decided to promote an antivirus app. I have created 4 different pre-landers for this offer and grouped them into 2 main "groups". (Group one) 2 pre-landers with more "friendly/less scary" design &...
  5. K

    How to Activate my McAfee Antivirus with Retail Card?

    I have Already Bought the McAfee antivirus how can Activate in just a few simple way ? Help me please
  6. comegetbravo

    What do you want to know about mobile marketing with pop traffic?

    Hey folks, long time no see. I'm going to write a guide for all of you as compensation for the long time away from this forum, I've been busy. So, if you want to know something about pop traffic and mobile marketing, please write your question below and I shall start working on a guide, and...