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  1. itsbeamagency


    WE ACCEPT CRYPTO PAYMENTS / 20% CASHBACK ON META — 20% Cashback: For daily spending over $1k, we reward you with 20% cashback. To maintain this benefit, the account top-up must be made the previous day in USDT and must not be less than $1k daily. — Expedited Process: Upon payment of the...
  2. TingoApp

    Trading Agency Ads No Fee

    HI! We are Agency who offer accounts in Taboola, Outbrain, Google, Bing, Twitter, Yahoo Gemini, Facebook, TikTok and Yandex. We work side by side with Account Manager in all this platforms. Give you 5% more budget in Platforms and no Agency Fee in Google, Bing, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook for...
  3. Siddharth7

    Best way to find Direct Advertisers

    Hi all As we all have been in the market for such long times, and i am sure we all have our own ways for tracking down direct advertisers as it is one of the best things to do once you have the appropriate traffic and it helps in generating more revenue with the same inputs yielding better...
  4. Venkatweetz

    Is SEO Dead?

    I'm working in the marketing industry for the past 8 years. I have worked with many agencies, and most of them usually suggest to use social media marketing and google ads, because those are low hanging fruit. If you want to position your website for keywords you need to work at least for 6...
  5. Brijesh Soni

    Looking for CPI Agency

    Hello Members, We are looking for some CPI Agency who have most of the CPI offers with better PO, Stable and converting. On-time payment and reports are perfect. If anyone knows the best Agency kindly let us know Or you can connect with me on Skype for further discussion live:digiclickss.
  6. Andrey Adsbalance

    Review Top 10 Direct Advertisers for Facebook Traffic?

    Hello everyone and have a pleasant day! I surf through all over the Affiliatefix and found so many good products to run. But how to realize which one performs better on Facebook traffic? Which company is more stable? Let's figure out The Top 10 Direct Advertisers (no rebrokering) for Facebook...
  7. Wuzzon

    Wuzz up? Greetings from Wuzzon Amsterdam

    Hi all, It's Louise from Wuzzon, Amsterdam. I co founded this agency back in 2007 and currently we are with a team of 10 (biz dev, publishing and technical/design specialist) managing many direct advertiser relations. NL is our strongest geo, but we also have some great campaigns in BE, DE, UK...
  8. Alex Burgundy

    Buying Traffic Looking for direct traffic sources on CPI.

    Hi guys, My name is Alex and I represent company ShakeYourAds, based in UAE. We're looking for direct traffic sources to promote our campaigns. Please add me in Skype if you're interested. Skype: alex.shakeyourads Or e-mail me : Or just make a sign-up here and we will see...