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  1. E

    Affiliates Wanted Worldwide dating offers : CPA/CPL/Revshare !!!

    Hello dear affiliates! If you are here that means that we need to talk together on Skype prelinker_af2_fr In fact, we are buying your adult and dating traffic on CPA/CPL/revshare for our in-house and direct adult/dating offers ! - High Payout (Lead up to 15$) - Smartlink available - Worldwide...
  2. Renato Pessoa

    How to get new affiliates? (PT)

    Hello Guys! I recently joined an agency: AdStrategy as a Publisher and Campaign Manager. The agency operates in Portugal, and so, as part of my job I need to recruit new affiliates with traffic for Portugal in Email Marketing. Any tips on how to find them? Thank you in advance.
  3. Laeti Tia

    I help you find traffic and offers/ Mobile marketing

    Hello, I am Laetitia. I used to work for various networks. I work now on my own as a consultant and different types of clients that i help with their marketing and sales. If you have offers you want to promote i may help, if you have traffic and you are looking for good offers, i may help as...
  4. L

    Affiliate Manager - Markets

    Hi guys, I'm trying my luck here to reach out to any potential affiliates interested in promoting our Financial platform via affiliation - Very competitive CPA rates, focus on EU geos.
  5. Madidesign

    Webmaster-Box affiliate program with up to $10,000 bonuses

    Hello, I just launched a few days ago. I give $5 when you register (even for a free account), then you earn $5/month per paid referral. If you register as a Premium affiliate for $14/month, you earn $5/month per referral + up to $10000 bonus + some free hightech products...
  6. Alberto ReflexCash


    Hi everybody, My name is Alberto and I'm an Affiliate Manager at ReflexCash, Premium CPA Network. As a Premium CPA Network, we work to get best deals possible with our Affiliates, and we are sure to find many of the best ones on the market here. We are here only to make business but also to...
  7. S

    Guide to find Profitable Niche

    Affiliate marketing is really a 90/10 business - only 10% of the affiliates do actually sell something. The reasons behind are very complex and too difficult to discuss here, but the most common reason is because affiliates sign-up for "getting rich" programs, or (and this is the better...
  8. S

    I am searching for Affiliates

    Hi , i am looking for Affiliates who have well reputed and giving decent commission.