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  1. HilltopAds


    February 14th - The day of love and romance. It's the time when Cupid sends his arrows, and the HilltopAds ad network sends you a new article with tips and tricks on how to run successful ads for Valentine's Day! Let's take a look at what's waiting for you today: Statistics & Audience...
  2. Gala

    Hot Cashback for Advertisers During Adsterra Sports Marathon!

    Adsterra Sports Marathon!;) Good morning, winter dwellers! Shake off the frost and get ready to ignite the competition with Adsterra's Sports Marathon! :cool: Prepare to sweat it out and pocket some serious cashback – up to a staggering $500 – by driving traffic from selected GEOs! As February...
  3. A

    Access to 50K+ advertisers

    i am a meta network have access to 50K+ advertisers globally, looking for publishers/ media buyers.
  4. jowel

    Announcement New beta version of Nifty Stats

    Hi all, We are constantly working to improve Nifty Stats to make our affiliate and Ad tracking software a real number one for you. Today we bring you a new beta version. You can try out the new features...
  5. jowel

    Announcement New promo banners for our affiliates

    Dear users, we have prepared more news for you. Check out the new article that is mainly dedicated for our affiliates who sell Nifty Stats on their sites. We have prepared new promo banners for you. Click here to learn more. Are you interested in making money by selling Nifty Stats? Register...
  6. Tom - Version Two

    Black Hat Advertising vs White Hat Advertising

    Hey all, good to meet you all and looking forward to joining in with some discusions with people in a similar industry! Keen to find out everyones thoughts when comparing Black Hat Advertising compared to White Hat Advertising...My general thoughts in brief below, so keen to see what you guys...
  7. Vinay kevadiya

    Looking for Affiliates (SaaS)

    Hello There, I am looking for affiliates to promote my SaaS application upmetrics, Upmetrics is a modern business planning software that helps entrepreneurs to plan their business and it’s financials in order to build a polished business plan that can be represent to the investors and banks...
  8. Idvert

    Looking for CPI and COD affiliates.

    Hye, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert Group ltd. (advertiser of COD offers, Affiliate network for CPI Offers) Introduction: Idvert Group Ltd. is an Internet marketing and big data solutions Company with 9 years of successful operational experience as an Affiliate Network, headquartered in China...
  9. Idvert

    Direct advertisers for COD offers Need affiliates.

    Introduction: Xhat (belongs to Idvert Group Ltd.) is a direct advertiser for Cash on delivery products, and we are headquartered in China. Offers(Products): 100% direct offers, Health/Beauty/Diet/Adult/Muscle/Dailylife products etc. Geos: South-east Asia for now, European/American countries...
  10. danielrog

    CPL Affiliate network

    Hello guys, The company that I am working for is one of the best producers in health and cosmetic products in the world. Right now we have a lot of new products and we are expanding our affiliate network. We are working in Europe and Asia mainly with more than 50 high-converting products. If...
  11. Lady Goose

    Offer Wanted Looking for IN click flow offers

    Hi guys, I'm looking for IN offers, can be adult or any mainstream category, as long as it is pure click flow. Not interested in PIN or click with captcha or IVR flows. Thanks guys!
  12. Vasil Kamburov

    New Affiliate Manager on the Block!!!

    Hello everyone! My name is Vasil Kamburov and I work as an Affiliate Account Manager at ItsCanadaTime. Our Company provides one of the if not the most advanced Immigration Services System in this sphere of Affiliate Marketing. For now however I would like to start by introducing myself to the...
  13. G

    Can you post resume for Job seeking

    1. In the past two years, I worked as the chief business development manager, for a one man operation company in the online performance company focused on affiliate marketing (in the Mobile Apps marketing, CPI/A). I personally found qualified and training 4 workers, assigned and supervised...