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  1. Sugarbook

    Seeking Help Which Affordable Affiliate Management is Recommended to Run an Affiliate Marketing Program?

    Hi Affiliate Managers, I wanted to ask for your expert guidance and opinion on which affiliate management system software you guys swear by when it comes to running your own in-house offer. I currently use software that I don't want to disclose. Their customer service is pretty bad, and the...
  2. AdCumulus

    Hi everyone, happy to be here!

    Hi everyone, I'm Victor and I'd love to connect and learn from the fellow online marketers. I've been in this industry for quite a while so I have a thing or two to share myself. :) Currently, I'm a part of AdCumulus team. You've probably heard about our Affiliate Software already. In case...
  3. Chaze

    Has anyone used a third party affiliate program with WHMCS?

    We are looking into getting a better affiliate program than the default WHMCS one. Hopefully we can find someone that has one up and running and could help us do the same. It would be nice to have a little training on the new program as well. This could lead to a part time job.
  4. Affiliateaspirant

    Affiliate Marketing Software

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a good software which I can use for managing my affiliate income and expenses. Someone very long back showed me an online panel where he was able to see live report of his earnings and expenses in one shot-at the same time. I forgot the name of that panel. It...
  5. Offerit-John

    Heading to Affiliate Summit?

    Hi Folks, If you are headed to Affiliate Summit West 2016, the Offerit Team and myself would love to meet up and provide an in-person demo of our platform for you to review. If you are interested in a private meeting, I have a few time slots available at the show to discuss business privately...