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  1. alossra

    How i made 2950$ Promoting high ticket direct affiliate offers

    This is going to be the first official journey that I'll be sharing with my very supportive community. The goal of this journey is to make 20000$ with Seo Host King affiliate program which I feel is realistic depending on the steps I have taken What I have done 1. I have created a G ads $350...
  2. Jack chan

    Monetize your e-com traffic with high conversion white-hat offers

    Hey guys, Hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times. **Edited by Admin**
  3. fastfirm

    Hi, I need publishers for our Company Filing service.

    Hi there, We are helping both non-citizen and citizen to create their company in the US. You can check details on our website We need publishers to promote our Service. Here is our offer: Company formation price in US: 299$ 10 % commission for Pay per sale. Note: I am new to the...
  4. xlovecash

    Buying Leads PPL Single and Double Opt-in (adult)

    All, I am happy to announcement that we now offering PPL single and double opt-in from tier one markets. User only need to provide: First Name, Last Name and email address. Once your registration is approved please indicate that you want to switch to PPL single or double opt-in. skype...
  5. Nongmaithem Archna

    Quality Networks

    Dear All, I would need quality networks that offer good campaigns- apps, games etc. Please let me know if you have any suggestion. We are TaelMedia and we have large traffic volume. Hope to see the best offers! Thanks, Archna
  6. John Maning

    How do affiliate offers with Step 1 and Step 2 work?

    Hi everyone! I've been doing some affiliate marketing for about a year now and I've come across these types of offers: Magic Beauty Cream Step 1 (US Trial)-1ClickEvent Garcinia Cambogia Step 2 (US Trial) These pay out amounts around $40 or so. I don't understand what is meant by Step 1 and...
  7. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    [REQ] Any Network That offers DATING OFFER For Africa?

    As the subject implies, I am looking for exclusive Dating offer for African/Africa. I have been searching through but couldn't find up till now. The criteria I'm looking for is -Dating/Adult offer -CPL/CPI -NET 15 or below -Payonner/Skrill I do not mind if I get a direct advertiser for this...
  8. Jennifer Weston

    Looking For Looking for affiliate

    Hello, Jennifer wonder how to find good affiliates and any blog or article offered as advise? Greeting from a nice morning from jennifer
  9. M

    Affiliates Wanted IM-GURU GOES LIVE IN 11 DAYS!

    Dear Affiliates, Do not miss out on the chance to promote this offer with a 75% commission rate and a chance to win resell rights to the product and your share of a cash prize. Our salesvideo will be up in a few hours and our salespage is already up: BECOME AN IM GURU: COACHING Signup as an...
  10. G

    Hello from Berlin, Germany

    Hi there, My name is Xuan and I'm representing glispa on this forum. I look forward to learning more about your concerns regarding the industry and getting to know you. Do drop me a pm or add me to a thread for any discussions and queries with regards to app download traffic/campaigns!
  11. U

    Has anyone had success with using social media to recruit affiliates?

    I am relatively new to affiliate recruitment. I have my own range of products which relate to UK B2B Data, and have a few successful affiliates I am currently working with. My question relates to a response i had from a friend who said they had used social media to attract new affiliates to...