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  1. K

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems.

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems. A friend of mine got 600 clicks and 0 conversions, That's disturbing. He got confused at first, he thought it might be a scam on the side of the vendors. But he resolved that thought saying they won't have displayed the...
  2. K

    3 Techniques I Used To Make Affiliate Sales Fast

    1. Write Your Headlines As A News Or Informative Article Many people surfing the internet are looking for news, information, and entertainment. Only sometimes are they searching for products to buy. This indicates that they seldom want to click on an ad, and will not want to spend their time...
  3. Honeybadger

    Best Games for Smart Thinking?

    Which games do you play to improve your strategic thinking? I'm looking for any video games, phone games, laptop games or gaming apps Any game that makes you a smarter thinker Only requirement is it requires internet connection TY
  4. Sengezo

    5 Essential Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Get More Traffic

    When you get into marketing you usually get the wrong idea of what marketing is. I made that mistake too which is marketing the product and talking more about it's qualities. It doesn't work (you know why?) People don't care about the product you're promoting they care about their problems. You...
  5. S

    3 Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing Explained & Which One Is The Best For You

    This is going to be a long post, so if you don’t like reading I'm sorry... There are really 3 main strategies you can use to make money with affiliate marketing, but each had has different requirements & marketing strategies, so I’m going to explain each strategy and its requirements so you can...
  6. R

    This is the next level of SEO in E-commerce!!!

    WPP has asked its partner brands to treat Amazon as a media channel, else they'll be obsolete. They have entered into an agreement that will offer brands creative, data and media services across the entire Amazon shopping ecosystem. The new offering will include: 1. Media planning and...