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  1. FindMyDIY

    Add a Chrome Safe Popunder to Your Site

    This script will open a new popunder window for virtually any outbound link. The destination URL opens in a new window and the original web page redirects to the link specified in the code. **This code does not get blocked by any ad blocker**
  2. S

    why separate tracking platform is nessessary?

    I am feeling some hesitation.why separate tracking platform is nessassry?Because,Every affiliate network gives detail analytics of affiliate link.
  3. shafi kasmani

    $56.14 freelancer affiliate link with free blog

    last 1 or 2 years i made some blogs e.g. 10 top any words or 10 best any words blog then after 4 or 5 months will come free traffic organic! I got $56.14 with free blog traffic! you try to make any 10 top any words blog article then your website will come free traffic! Best of luck!
  4. K

    Affiliate manager from IXWebhosting and Hostexcellence

    Hello guys! This is Karthikeyan, Affiliate manager from IXWebhositng and Hostexcellence. We offer you highest affiliate commissions among competitors. You can earn from $50 to $300 per sale you bring us. To join our Affiliate Program you simply need to register from the following link...
  5. Jennifer Weston

    commission problem

    A affiliate can't receive commission by send our link and people subscribe our site, how to solve it, pl ,everyone.
  6. karldkpm

    Affiliate Links in Content and How Should We Manage Them in 2016?

    Hi, Just a quick question. How should we deal with affiliate links in content in 2016? Should we add the rel="nofollow" to affiliate links still or is this no longer necessary? Whats the best way to handle affiliate links in blog post content and the best way to disclose your affiliate...
  7. solstudioim

    CPA Display Academy, anyone purchased?

    Hello, Maybe you see this banner here all over AffiliateFix or you can go to the Landing page directly AffiliateFix Bonus Page — CPA Display Academy. I purchased this through AffiliateFix affiliate link but I am not sure where can I get the promised bonus? Contacted...
  8. Ebon3 Fyre

    Offer Wanted "Looking For Pokemon Offers For Newbie"

    Hi, I am Ebon3 Fyre I am new here and just signed up. It was advised to post in here first. I am looking for high payout and dynamic Pokémon and Pokémon Go offers for USA, UK and Canada residents to put on my new webpage. Specifically something that converts from buying in the shop if possible...
  9. donii

    Instagram affiliate links

    Hello, could anybody suggest me the best way to use ogads landing page link in instagram account? I was trying to use fresh subdomain from new domain with masking the link throught godday control panel and instagram still blocks my link. How I can avoid this :) ?
  10. A

    Do you need a traffic distribution by gender, age or interests?

    Nowadays, every tracker provides options to distribute traffic by GEO, OS, browsers, devices, IP, etc. All these data is detected by referring to various databases and IP devices. It’s quite simple, right? And what if we add the ability to distribute traffic by gender, age and interests? We...
  11. Pierre Simard

    I am new to Affiliate Marketing

    I want to be able to quit my job and work entirely from home and set my own hour, be my own boss, where do I start
  12. rokon

    Hello! Affiliate World.

    Hi! This is Rokon. I am Civil Engineer. And i am a regular worker in online. But new on
  13. Sunny

    Affiliate Links

    Hi Cash Money, I am a a beginner affiliate and I am having a hard time to find an easy method of cloaking an affiliate link. For instance, to advertise on Bing the destination URL and display URL have to be the same as they are enforcing the rules. So I buy a domain and hosting. Done that...