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  1. danielrog

    CPL Affiliate network

    Hello guys, The company that I am working for is one of the best producers in health and cosmetic products in the world. Right now we have a lot of new products and we are expanding our affiliate network. We are working in Europe and Asia mainly with more than 50 high-converting products. If...
  2. xlovecash

    Xlovecam : Best Home for Webmaster

    Just in case you have forgotten simply facts: is the best home for Webmasters, Models and Studios. Join our program today check: XloveCash: Adult affiliate program – Xlovecam adult cams webmasters Skype: xlovecash
  3. Dan Filipov

    Affiliates wanted

    Hello everyone, my name is Dan and I recently launched my online shop in the fashion niche, and I'm looking for new affiliates to work with. I would love to give you guys 30% per sale who are interested please let a comment below and I will give you more information. And I will provide you more...
  4. bookfre

    I want to monetize one of my website

    Helli, I have a website with below 100 organic and approximately more than 500 social traffic, I want to monetize that site via affiliate marketing. PLZ help me regarding affiliates.
  5. Reseller Hub Store

    Affiliates Wanted Create a profitable store with our products

    Are you ready to get paid with a profitable Reseller program? Are you tired of promoting products that rarely sell everyday? Well, if you are looking for the most unique guaranteed income system that’ll literally change your life from 0 to 6 figure earner without elephant’s job, then this...
  6. L

    Merchant Looking For Affiliate Manager

    I need an affiliate manager willing to recruit affiliates for my online boutique. Want someone willing to work on commission.
  7. S

    Where can I find affiliates?

    Hey, I've just started a shopify store. I am selling wallets and ship worldwide. But I don't really have much of a marketing budget and am rather inexperienced with marketing so I wouldn't want to learn through trial and error. I found out about affiliate marketing and saw a good opportunity...
  8. F

    Do merchants approve incentive or cash back affiliates?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me which one of these is OK with merchants or all for affiliating ? Affiliate commission sharing with registered member Cashback Coupon side Incentives e.g reward points for purchases on merchant site?