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  1. David Mali

    want to invest $2k

    hello guys am having a great success with fb ads and promoting affiliate products so i have an extra $2k that i want to invest in any paid traffic source to try things out and i thought to ask you guys does anyone having a good success with any paid traffic source ?
  2. Nilesh Jha

    Social Media Pattern.

    What could be a pattern for social media marketing of an Indian travel company focusing on Indian traffic?
  3. Brijesh Soni

    We have Quality Traffic for CPI

    Hello Members, We are looking Stable and converting CPI, CPA Campaigns for our quality traffic sources. If you are looking quality traffic for your campaigns, then yes we have. Direct Media buyers, DSP, in-app, banner and much more traffic we have. Payment terms are prepayment as its quality...
  4. Brijesh Soni

    Looking for CPI Agency

    Hello Members, We are looking for some CPI Agency who have most of the CPI offers with better PO, Stable and converting. On-time payment and reports are perfect. If anyone knows the best Agency kindly let us know Or you can connect with me on Skype for further discussion live:digiclickss.