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  1. MrTube

    Announcement New version of Tube Sites Submitter

    These days we released a new version of Tube Sites Submitter where we implemented new features and improvements. We provide you a brief overview of those features in this short article. Download beta version here
  2. Sergei | HeartBid

    Official HeartBid. Intelligent advertising for progressive businesses

    Sergei | HeartBid submitted a new resource: HeartBid. Intelligent advertising for progressive businesses - ONLINE SELF-SERVE ADVERTISING PLATFORM Read more about this resource...
  3. affani

    Ask Me Anything New offer from us

    New offers have just arrived: • CindyMatches - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • EroticMadness - DOI | $2.00 | AU, CA, NZ, GB, US. Click Here • SluttyMatches - SOI | $1.66 | AU, CA, US, GB, DK, NO, NZ. Click Here for more information write to us!
  4. affani

    Ask Me Anything Join us 2 new offers

    Just received 2 Dating offers and we suggest you register here if you have dating traffic 1. BangHisWife - SOI | $1.90 | AU, CA, IE, NZ, ZA, GB, US, PR. | Daily Cap 100 2. BangMeetup - DOI | $2.50 | AU, CA, NZ, ZA, US. | Daily Cap 40 We welcome every affiliate to join us in our AffAni!
  5. vickhoff

    Belgium & JAPAN traffic

    Hello helpies iam still looking for belgium & JP adult traffic, if someone have real traffic , pls help me tried many netwokrs, but no or very less output. i can make the payment daily for trafic. if there is any real webmaster pls do help me.
  6. vickhoff

    Looking for BE & JP adult traffic

    Hello i want to buy begium or japan adult traffic, can spend about 2k for JP and 500$ for BE, (dating offer). EDIT: adformats: popunders/desktop GEOS: JP,DE,BE,CH stream: Adult traffic only thnx.
  7. Moroccan Marketer

    What are the most reliable paid ads network for adult marketing in 2021

    Hey guys, I just started my journey promoting adult offers and I would love to hear your experience with adult ads network you used to buy traffic from and you had good ROI with.
  8. Mr Akhtar

    Ask Me Anything Tinder Traffic

    Hi, I am generating Tinder Usa Geo Hot traffic in my office setup perday 2k+ Tinder from driving Snapchat, but cant convert so please any can help me for good convert way or leads sell please....
  9. VivaClicks

    Adult search traffic for sale by CPM

    Hi there! I'm ready to sell adult search traffic from porn tubes. - banner 300x100 / 300x250 - more than 200M page views per day - Webmoney, PayPal, Capitalist. - Min deposit $100 - Geo: India, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam. Would like to earn with your offers? Please contact with me by...
  10. Costolleumus

    Monetize Free Adult Traffic?

    Hi all, Recently I discovered pretty neat way to bring adult traffic to any page. There is at any point of time of the day about 10 visitors on page, 95% Tier 1 traffic (US about 50%-60%) they stay average about 2min on page. This is all for maybe 2 hours of setup, can be easily scaled up...
  11. vvchat

    Network Wanted Any Adult CPS Networks?

    Are there any affiliate networks with adult specific? So far I mostly find CPM/CPC networks which may be fine for publishers but not for advertisers :ninja: Thanks for advice!
  12. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Give me one tips or tricks about free adult traffic generation

    Hello Experts Have a wonderful day. I am new on adult affiliate marketing. I have been hardly trying to become success on adult affiliate marketing. Give me one unique and specific idea about free adult traffic generation. I want to apply all free traffic generation techniques. Hope you will...
  13. Mehdi Hasan

    Adult traffic Source...for Adult

    I am a cpa marketer i want to know the best adult advertising Site to promote PPL offer...Help

    what is the best traffic source to promote Lospollos Smartlink(Adult)

    hey guys, i have tried both popcash and popads but failed. can you suggest me real human traffic sources for adult traffic with max $100 deposit?? thank you.
  15. Shahjahan Sazal

    What is most important part for adult website seo?

    Hello, I want to know what is the most important part for porn website seo. Onpage or Offpage? Please suggest me about it. Thanks.
  16. Evelyn

    How To Create a Native Ad Campaign at TrafficStars

    Everyone knows Native Ads are the 2018 trend you can’t miss – in the adult business, more and more publishers are choosing Native over other types of advertising everyday. To help you make the most of your advertising investments, we’ve put together a tutorial explaining how to create a native...
  17. Nongmaithem Archna

    Looking for Affiliate in Dating niche

    Hi, I am looking for Adult & Dating traffic from India. Is there any Affiliate who want to promote DelhiSexChat You can check our program here DelhiSexChat - IPE Cash Affiliate Program My skype is - Archna Devi
  18. phil adxxx

    Want to buy Asian adult display/mobile traffic

    Looking for adult traffic from Asia country. Can buy flat rate spots or CPM/CPC (see geos). PM with details if you have something to offer. We guarantee: - JS or Iframe support - CPC/CPM - 100% safe feed (no malware, no adware and etc.) - Mobile and Desktop inventory - content which is...
  19. Nongmaithem Archna

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for LiveCam Affiliate

    Hi Guys, I am looking for adult traffic. If you have India traffic it's the best to earn huge money. You can check our program here DelhiSexChat - IPE Cash Affiliate Program My skype is - Archna Devi
  20. Nongmaithem Archna

    Looking For Looking for adult traffic

    Hi Guys, I am looking for adult traffic from India. If you have any reference or your is a publisher please let me know. You can check our program here