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adult traffic tips

  1. Costolleumus

    Monetize Free Adult Traffic?

    Hi all, Recently I discovered pretty neat way to bring adult traffic to any page. There is at any point of time of the day about 10 visitors on page, 95% Tier 1 traffic (US about 50%-60%) they stay average about 2min on page. This is all for maybe 2 hours of setup, can be easily scaled up...
  2. C

    Hello i am new!

    Hello guys, I am new here i want to learn more about adult CPA offers, and i was trying some methods i didn't had success, so now i found this forum and try to configure it out. So if you guys have some advice on how to get adult traffic it would be nice, i don't have so much budget about...
  3. Mehdi Hasan

    Adult traffic Source...for Adult

    I am a cpa marketer i want to know the best adult advertising Site to promote PPL offer...Help
  4. CrakRevenue

    No Need to Look Further: The Most Comprehensive Guide on Adult SEO (from CrakRevenue!)

    The Ultimate ADULT SEO Guide from CrakRevenue We have something real special for you today, AffFixers Today we share with AffiliateFix the most comprehensive piece on Adult SEO that's ever been published. At CrakRevenue and as one of the leading CPA networks in the world, we've had to...