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  1. F

    Network Wanted Looking for CPA networks with adult gaming cpl offers that accept chat traffic

    I have a lot of chat traffic and I want to monetize it with adult gaming cpl offers if there are any
  2. A

    Buying Traffic Adult Offers (CPA)

    Hello !!! We have an Adult offers for a lot of Geos! Please contact us! S: bd03127907a4a632
  3. Alex_Chess

    Offer Wanted Look for direct offers all verticals

    Calling all owners of direct offers! Display, CPA\L Nutra\dating\adult\bizopp\insurance\forex and all the rest. Guys, talk to me on running your campaigns with our panel. We got tons of affiliates that are ready to pick up more of verticals! Btw, we got our own processing, so as very nice...
  4. YTZ International

    Affiliates Wanted Three new ADULT SOI offers - test them today!

    YTZ has three new adult SOI offers you need to try! :p Start sending traffic to these brand new adult SOI offers and cash in on your adult traffic! All three of these offers convert on a SOI lead and each offer has multiple geo options to choose from. These offers are available under the...
  5. mouyanali

    incentive networks for Adult CPA.

    can any one tell me the best incentive networks for adult CPA, CPL offers. i want any incentive networks that allow Adult CPA.
  6. Daria_WapEmpire

    Announcement Exteremely high payouts for Switzerland adult mobile offers!

    WapEmpire is glad to announce that the payouts have been increased exteremely for these Swiss offers: YourPorns Switzerland Payout: $28.00 Conversion flow: 1 wap click Carriers Accepted: All carriers Target devices: all smartphones PornsHub Switzerland Payout: $28.00 Conversion flow...
  7. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted mobile CPA: Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic

    WapEmpire has new offers for European geos you've always been looking for. HR New Download Croatia Description: Subscription to content service. Conversion flow: MO flow Carriers accepted: T-mobile, VIPnet, Tele2 Target devices: Android, iOS & featured phone. Android converts best...
  8. Leadbit

    Official Leadbit

    Leadbit submitted a new resource: Leadbit - Cool and high-perspective AN that will help you ger richer quicker! Read more about this resource...
  9. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Very hot mobile adult CPA offers: FR, ES, DE

    WapEmpire is looking for more affiliates to promote the hottest of our tier-one adult offers. If you are experienced with Western European offers it will be a child's play to profit. DE Hotxxx Conversion flow: 1 click Carriers: Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 Payout: $18.75 CPA FR Youmeets Vietato...
  10. T

    Looking For Anyone interested in 3 million impressions (daily) - Adult Premium traffic

    Hi Guys. Has it gone !?:) My name is Jay, I wanted to introduce myself as account manager in Traffic Traffickers team. We’re currently looking for new advertisers interested in buying exclusive adult traffic on a CPM basis. We can provide more than 3.1 million impressions a day. Here is the...
  11. hamid

    My ClickDealer First Payment

    Hey , Guyz I Gonna Share You My First ClickDealer Income Which I Have Generated Through Adult Offers .
  12. Daria_WapEmpire

    Official PayV

    Daria_WapEmpire submitted a new resource: WapEmpire - Mobile CPA network that converts worldwide mobile traffic Read more about this resource...