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  1. N

    Adult Content Landing Page Builder

    I was just promoting some dating offer and found out that my landing page was taken offline because they thought there was some nudity where in fact wasn't really, just some female in underwear. Do you know any landing page builders which I can use for more adult kind of dating offers?

    Adult SOI Offer

    Hello Sir, my name is Mahidi , I want to promote adult smart link offer & SOI/DOI offers but don't get effective method to bring traffic. I tried social networks but does not work for me.What can I do?
  3. thehustler

    Does Bing and AdWords allow adult affiliate products promotion?

    Hey, can I promote products from AdCombo/Crakavenue through Bing? I read their policy that if I want to promote adult stuff, then I have to fill in a form but I'm saying that these are not porn related stuff. These are offers from CrakAvenue and AdCombo. So, can I go ahead and start OR will...
  4. Affiliateaspirant

    Adult CPA Marketers Reunite

    Hello All Affiliate Marketers working in adult Dating niche. Can we come across altogether here? We can share knowledge and help each other making more money?? May be privately on Skype?
  5. ReachEffect- Harry


    we are an expert in Adult Content and Gaming digital advertising. The only platform that gives bonuses based on advertising investment. Top converting traffic for webcams , mobile content and Dating offers Impressive client support 24/7 For more information check our website: ReachEffect
  6. Adultex

    Hello Guys !

    My name is Ben and I work for Adultex ad network. I'm very excited to be part of Adultex and can't wait to exchange my knowledge with you guys. I'm part of this industry for 2 years and I like it. We promote adult offers. Additional information about us: We live in Romania, we buy and sell...
  7. Affiliateaspirant

    Looking for Adult/Dating PPL SOI Offers for IInd & IIIrd tier countries.

    Hello, I am looking for affiliate offers to promote in casual dating niche. Will provide uncapped leads from 2nd & 3rd tier countries. Please contact me. Thanks
  8. Wouter - Traffic Company

    Affiliates Wanted You have mobile traffic?

    Traffic Company is your answer regarding the monetization of mobile traffic! * Weekly pay outs possible * Own and exclusive 1-2 click offers available * Worldwide coverage * Smart link (you just need one link to convert world wide) * Adult and mainstream offers available * Dedicated Account...
  9. J

    Need help from experts in converting traffic from adult tubes ($$)

    Hey guys My name is Julie and I’m about to start my journey as an affiliate. My intention is to convert traffic from adult tubes. This would be my first try in this field, but I’m excited to tap into its vast potential. Since I’m a newbie, who destined to make a lot of mistakes, please give me...
  10. H

    Buying Traffic Looking For ADULT Desktop Popunder traffic

    Hello , I am looking for Desktop pop-under traffic ! I want basically Adult Traffic from USA CA AUS . Add on skype - harmn9
  11. Sukram


    Hey guys its a pleasure to be a part of your Affiliate Network! hope to learn a lot and wish you a good day :) Ps: I would like to get connected with a lot of insider to do some join ventures in Future cuz my Team work together with some of the biggest European AdultDating Provider.
  12. richnlp

    My Adult Affiliate Success Story

    I started adult affiliate marketing around 12 years ago. It was a slow start because I had no training. PPL, PPC, PPV, you name it, I've tried and/or mastered the method. Thanks to a forum like this though, many newcomers can now get on the fast track to wealth. After much trial and error, I...