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  1. Alex admitad

    AdBlock and CPA marketing

    Sometimes opinion leaders in CPA advertising state that AdBlock will ruine the whole CPA marketing in future & that it is a common hazard... but The emergence of advertising blockers was a response to the overabundance of advertising on sites, and their mission was to exclude the display of...

    Adblockers are Ordinary Thiefs

    Last week I read an article on Adblockers and their impact on free content that really caught my attention. The article is in Dutch but you can find it here: Basically adblockers allow users to install a piece of software on their computer...
  3. Justin Baker

    Ad Blockers - What are you doing about them? Official Launch of ReviveAds

    This is the official launch of the Revive Ads ad blocking solution! Ad Blockers Cost You $$$ - Get it Back FAST with NEW ReviveAds Solution from TrafficHaus! Adblock users have increased by more than 69% this year, growing at an alarming estimated user increase at a rate of 45% PER MONTH...
  4. amin021023

    AdBlock; how much does it effect the IM?

    So I've been thinking about creating a site that it's main income source will be Adsense, and I was wondering how many people these days use this extention on their browser? should I reconsider doing this?
  5. K

    Adblockers are growing...

    Hello guys, I just saw this thread on the Dutch news site called link Adblock Plus has more than 60 miljoen montly active users and is still growing, according to Ben Williams the German developer of Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus blocks most ads, but state advertisements that as...