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  1. Xaric

    Hi AffiliateFix-ers!

    Hey, my name is Xaric and I'm the owner of, a blog that mainly focuses on helping people escape the 9-5 by building an income online. I'm here to interact with other affiliate marketers, learn about more advanced practices to scaling my online business as well as share tips...
  2. P

    Introducing Pankaj Raghav - The Blogger

    Hi AffiliateFix Members, My name is Pankaj Raghav, a blogger and run a website names DigiToolsCoupons. I have a decade of experience in SEO industry working with clients from India, USA, AUS and Canada mainly. My target to from by affiliate website DigiToolsCoupons is to make it achieve the...
  3. logicalnerds

    New to Affiliate Marketing

    Hi, I joined this forum long time ago but never been active. Now I want to dive into full-time affiliate marketing. Hope to learn from members of this community. Have a nice day!
  4. CertifiedSammy

    Hello, I am Samuel

    Hello, My name is Samuel. I was redirected here after confirming my account and it says i should introduce myself to the community. Again, my name is Samuel and i am a blogger. Basically, i blog at TechsNG Blog which is a blog based on technology. There in, i share tutorials relating to...
  5. U

    My thorny path in the affiliate universe :)

    Hey guys! My name's Yaroslav, I'm 21. I'm from Ukraine. I want to try my hand as an affiliate. At start, I'd like to try work with adult and dating verticals. And also in the future I'd like to work with mobile apps. I just registered in a few CPAs and waiting for verefication myself :) But...
  6. D

    My Intro about my self in the cpa world as intermediate

    hello Affiliatefix warriors, Abdulrahim here and this my first time talking in here and introducing my self to you comrades in here. Well, am not a beginner neither am I a guru or professional in CPA. Though I havent started with cpa at the moment but still taking courses on CPA. However...
  7. Aaqib Javed

    about me

    I am Aaqib Javed.I'm new here .so please guide me.
  8. P


    Hey, Roy here. I'm from UK and I'm SEO and Affiliate Geek. Hope to see this forum helpful for me and my business. Thanks
  9. AverieDaniel

    About me :)

    Well I'm just a high school junior (about to be senior) who's just trying to make it through the last bit of high school. I participate in a lot of stuff, including having a job and I just need a way to pick up a little extra money for a band trip coming up.