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  1. 9Proxy

    What about NFT?

    Sure, NFT died after BTC collapsed as well as the NFT Markets plummeted in price
  2. 9Proxy

    Seeking Help Do you pay with USDT --US Dollar Tether ??

    In general, when I pay for everything with USDT, I only think about personal information security first, any additional costs are no longer important even though they are actually not too big.
  3. 9Proxy

    What is guest posting ?

    Guest Post will help you get the index of the Guest page and point the link to your website, this will help increase your website's reputation with Google.
  4. 9Proxy

    Why my website not show in Google search results?

    I guess your website is still in the sandbox, you need to post content every day as well as try to optimize the website to SEO standards so that the time in the sandbox reduces and Google will index you.
  5. 9Proxy

    Do BlackHat methods work?

    Blackhat Method still works for SEO but it will not last long, because Google always tries to scan and delete these methods on your website.
  6. 9Proxy

    Official Antidetect browser AdsPower - New Solution to Multi-Accounting

    Can Adspower be used with Proxy including user and password?
  7. 9Proxy

    Should I move my content to a new domain?

    I agree, 301 redirect will be better for your new domain, it will also avoid Google evaluating the new domain as copying content from the old domain.
  8. 9Proxy

    CPA Goal or CPM?

    I always adjust campaigns according to CPC, I will try to adjust to get the lowest CPC The first thing is that you should adjust the keyword to bring it to a low CPC level