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  1. Jumanji

    Affiliate Marketing Meet Up --- UK

    Hey Guys, I am plodding on with my marketing journey and currently looking for people to bounce ideas off and learn from. Is there a community which meet up face to face? or does anyone know of any seminars in the UK available? Failing that would anyone be interested in starting a meet up...
  2. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Hi Alex thanks for the message. I haven't tried admitad before so I'll check that out. Thanks for the heads up. Peace
  3. Jumanji

    Caution.. Newbie Question Incoming - CPA Leads..... Where to post?

    Good evening people, I hope your weekend so far has been productive. So.... as you may have guessed I am a newbie to this game, and currently looking into CPA mobile marketing. I have come in touch with which offers plenty of ads across a most niche's. I have tried to post some...
  4. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Good morning bhawani. Looks like we're sat in the same boat. Check out the link Azgold mentioned, even the definitions will make some of the other threads and posts clearer. Good luck . Peaceee
  5. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Thank you Azgold, I'll check this out.
  6. Jumanji

    My first campaign errors?

    Hey just reading through the thread as a newbie who is yet to launch a campaign... did you try anything different? Did any changes work? Peace
  7. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Totally honest answer Alex is im doing very little due to lack of knowledge of the process involved in setting up successful campaigns. My plan the moment (if you consider it a plan) is to research, learn and experiment..... and if anyone is willing to guide me in the right direction along the...
  8. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Brilliant thanks for the support. Peace.
  9. Jumanji

    Gold As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    Great words. Thank you TJ. My journey starts now. Peace
  10. Jumanji

    Where to start ?

    Hey Your progress sounds good! I'm a few steps behind you. Any pointers you have would be verrrrrry much appreciated. Peace
  11. Jumanji

    Best niche for newbie

    This question relates to me too. Thanks! I will be looking into mobile marketing Peace.
  12. Jumanji

    Gold As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    I feel the sensation of not knowing where to start...... in blogs and videos I hear the internet is a thriving opportunity for people with passion and motivation to create a reliable living. Although, I find all the people who are thriving are hiding the blueprint? I feel I have so much to...
  13. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Thanks tyoussef I'll check this out. Are there any other threads you would recommend me looking at? Peace
  14. Jumanji

    Hello affiliate world

    Hello affiliate world :) I have been reading and watching tutorials and case studies showing how affiliate marketing can be used to escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle a lot of us are bound by. I am looking to gain knowledge in this area and learn the techniques required to establish successful...