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  1. T J Tutor

    Exoclick account approval

    I just happened to be on a Skype group chat when I saw this post. I knew one of the people on the chat had been rejected by Exoclick so I asked them if they were notified as to why they were rejected. They said they received an email telling them their website had not met the requirements. It...
  2. T J Tutor

    [Journey] Growing a YouTube channel to monetization!

    !!!AWESOME!!! !!!WE'RE WATCHING!!!
  3. T J Tutor

    Pop ads for dating CPA offers

    They do work, but you will need to be very proficient at filtering the traffic. Loads of traffic, but loads of bots to filter. Get good at filtering your traffic, and you will make it work well!
  4. T J Tutor

    Trusted social media sites

    YES YES YES They are great for "ad people", but once the novelty wore off, I lost interest.
  5. T J Tutor

    Hello, new here but not in IM

    Welcome to AffiliateFix!
  6. T J Tutor

    Seeking Help Seeking Partners with good knowledge of Affiliate Marketing

    Well, welcome to the community! As for trying to recruit from our membership, we do have rules! If you offer employment, then post in the Employment forum. If you seek to recruit for other than employment, then you'll need to register your company in our resources.
  7. T J Tutor

    Ecommerce vs CPA lead gen?

    I find it very unlikely that $100 is going to be sufficient with any form of marketing. After all, it isn't 1998! Just the setup will be more than that. Server Intelligence Creatives Landers Ad Cost etc., etc.
  8. T J Tutor

    how to do effective email marketing?

    In another thread you claimed not to know what a listserver was, yet in other threads you claim to be an expert. Your "expert" threads are absolutely 100% AI content. AI content in our community is a violation of our TOS. If you do not know what a listserv is, you are no email expert!
  9. T J Tutor

    What are some email marketing tips and tricks?

    More AI content. Stop posting AI content in our community!
  10. T J Tutor

    I'm Happy Man

    Welcome to AffiliateFix!
  11. T J Tutor

    Optimization question

    It is recommended these days to use the color of the platform the ad appears on, if you use a border at all. I don't find them useful for the ad image, but occasionally if the banner is all text (no image).
  12. T J Tutor

    Hello from Singapore - Xavier Fok

    This is officially the longest introduction we've ever had. WHY? What is the purpose of this long article? What do you hope to gain, accomplish, or do in this community?
  13. T J Tutor

    is there anyone knows why and how to solve it

    They have always had a warm up period for new accounts at ShareASale. It's been their policy from the beginning.
  14. T J Tutor

    Why is Appsflyer blocking my traffic?

    Use a tracker to determine if they are actually arriving at AppsFlyer. What does AppsFlyer say about this? Maybe there are traffic limits related to your subscription to their services. If your traffic is deemed "toxic" in some fashion their servers may automatically refuse the traffic...
  15. T J Tutor

    Amazon affiliate changes: dependency services” that creators use.

    I read the afgreement and don't see where they added any language for this. I do see the page where they claim it was added, but I don't see it in the actual agreement. I think it may be related to the onslaught of AI content. Most 3rd party dependencies that Amazon associates use are for image...
  16. T J Tutor

    Seeking Help How to begin Pet Blogging?

    That's because the intent of the piece was to "pitch" MoreLogin.
  17. T J Tutor

    Is Bemob dead?

    Ah yes, the old days before any significant trackers. Had my own for many years before the "players" started launching.
  18. T J Tutor

    Guide Don't Miss Out on Brazil's Mother's Day Craze: Top 10 Affiliate Programs Unveiled!

    Mothers Day, it's a great promo to get launched. I have Mothers Day prepped and ready to launch a full four weeks ahad. It's always a good earner!