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    New here. GoInspired here.

    Hello, welcome aboard
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    Will the Dutch win Euro 2008?

    Hah :D I will be back here posting once Romania wins :)
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    Will the Dutch win Euro 2008?

    No, I think Romania will kick their.. I mean I think Romania will win :) That only to show that Holland is not that good
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    Auto directories anyone ?

    Thanks everyone :)
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    Firefox 3 available for download

    Many big names in news industry have announced the launch of Mozilla Firefox 3 RC 3. This prooves the browser has become really popular lately and with the help of the community behind it - it becomes stronger and stronger each day. For example SP news says Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 3...
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    Microsoft to Launch Silverlight-Based Service for Online Investors

    Microsoft it is moving on market again, they are announcing a partnership with Zignals. "Microsoft is looking, via a partnership with Zignals a start-up based in Ireland, to implement a service aimed at online investors designed to deliver "cutting-edge resource to market," according to the...
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    Red Beats Blue in Multiplayer

    That's the conclusion of some scientists, after they conducted some video games experiments at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. They say that when you play some multyplayer games you must choose red, because you have more chances to win :) "According to website GamePro, the research...
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    A problem with a google PR tool

    found some small PR tool on the web, but it does not seem to work corectly. I get the following error Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0...
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    A little help for a script

    bash -> php In a bash script the information in taken after the following model #!/bin/sh read INFO echo $INFO How to I do this in a php script ? ( taking the info of the client ? ).
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    Project management script

    ok, on short - project name - starting date - deadline - user in handle with it - contact details ( email & phone number ) - status - users - real name - password
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    Ubisoft Could Make a Move for Take Two

    There are some discussions in gaming industry about an association of Ubisoft and Take Two. It is belived that Ubisoft want this because they want to enter into sport games category and the sport division from take two can give them an advantage. Here what softpedia says: "Ubisoft seems to be...
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    Some weird changes

    Have you noticed any weird changes in SERPs lately ? I have few websites I am working on - regional google like or - where the positioning is changing very often lately. Any thoughts on this ?
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    Flash Websites

    How many of you create flash websites ? and I mean full flash websites - with all kind of intro and all kind of funny effects ? Personally I do not like sounds, but sometimes animations are nice and can be more "user friendly" than a dull website.
  14. O ..?

    What are your thoughts about them ? Do they really offer what they say they offer ? Maybe someone can share his experience with them. Thanks, Dks.
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    Blog marketing?

    Have you used it ? What kind of results you got ? For what niche have you used it ? and the questions can go on... So, few ideas about blog marketing, please :)
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    Electronic Arts Acquires Gaming Social Network

    Electronic Arts has acquired a social network firm called ThreeSF, which was headed by the founder of Napster, Shawn Fanning. Apparently, the videogame publisher paid around 30 million dollars for the company, although EA has not yet officially released any concrete details regarding the...
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    Notebook Users, Get Ready for Extreme Graphics!

    AMD is clearly proving itself to be one of the leading manufacturers of computer graphics worldwide. The Sunnyvale-based company has just unveiled its latest notebook-oriented technology, dubbed ATI XGP. The new product is an external PCI Express 2.0 graphics platform, designed to bring to...
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    Eriksson appointed Mexico coach

    Sven-Goran Eriksson has been appointed as the new coach of Mexico. "It's unanimous. Eriksson has been accepted," said Guadalajara president and member of the Mexican federation's executive committee Jorge Vergara. Sacked as manager of Manchester City on Monday, the 60-year-old former...