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Zeustrak: for Affiliates who are tired of wasting time and money

Zeustrak: for Affiliates who are tired of wasting time and money 2019-04-23

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Are you ready to dominate over your traffic source and scale your campaigns faster than ever before? There is no reason to be left behind because, with this new affiliate master tool, all of that has now become so simple, anyone can do it.

Maybe you’re just lazy to take things to the next level. Maybe you’re just not as greedy and don’t want more money. Don’t miss out because you dragged your feet. WTF are you waiting for?

Some systems are too short-sighted, some are just too complicated, but nothing is quite like Zeustrak. Managing your whole operation in one system gives you speed and insights that you just won’t get with other tools.

Masterfully control your campaigns with a system that combines tracking, hosting, zero redirect setup, access management, all in one.

What is Zeustrak?
At its core, Zeustrak is a powerful campaign tracking and reporting tool, but that’s just where it starts. We wanted to create an all-in-one solution that not only put everything all in one place but was also so user friendly, no special technical skills were required. What we came up with is a system that allows you to have a master control platform for managing almost all of the elements of your campaign.

APIs so server set-up and management take only a couple of minutes. Literally all you need to do is add your domain and you’ll have a fresh server IP set up in just a few minutes. No tech skills required, just point and click and you’re done. This one feature alone gives you massive time and resource savings.

As we’ve mentioned, Zeustrak is built on a powerful tracker that supports flows, campaign paths, lander split testing and provides all of the standard reports you've come to expect with other tracking software.

LP Management
Landers are stored and also managed from the Zeustrak dashboard, directly in the cloud, giving you the advantage of zero-redirects and lightning-fast page loads.

Team Access and Management
We built Zeustrak, not only for the noob and the experienced marketer but also for a solo marketer or super affiliate team. Since Zeustrak is scalable to you’re operation you won’t have to pay for more than you need. Even better, it actually helps you manage your team's access levels and keep track of their performance. This allows you to give access to only areas of the campaign that are relevant to that team member's function. This is also very handy when hiring freelancers.

How can Zeustrak help me earn more $$$?
This level of speed, precision and smart integration, really boosts your game. Think of how much easier your set up and campaign management will be. Think of how many more campaigns you can launch.

When you don’t have to waste time on the grunt work, you can focus on and expand your testing and optimization. It lets you focus on where and what makes you money and improving your ROI.

You also won’t be spending money on a handful of separate systems that aren't customizable to your needs as well as your budget.

When you have an all-in-one-tool like Zeustrak, you’ll not only save time and money, but you’ll have a clearer more powerful data picture. This is honestly a true game-changer.

We’ve been around for a few years and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Our master multi-function tracker not only works, but it will give you an edge. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself and you’ll see the power and potential.
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