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We Can Track

Affiliate conversions integrated into Google Analytics & Ads, Facebook- and/or Microsoft Ads.

  1. We Can Track
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    We Can Track
    Free Private Affiliate account. 30 days free trial for small, medium and advanced affiliates.
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    • CC
    We Can Track enables you to grow from 'average' into an 'advanced' (super) affiliate. In the ever changing and competitive online marketing ecosystem they will provide you the right tools and technologies to make full creative use all the possibilities.

    Integrate all your affiliate network sales data into We Can Track's - affiliate marketeer tailored - dashboard. From there you can connect and authenticate with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Data Studio.

    Any suggested opportunities:
    • You will be able to set up new (revenue share) partnerships knowing exactly which visitor has converted.
    • Create and target (non-) converter audiences
    • Optimize content or comparisons based on real revenues
    • A/B test based on conversions instead of clicks only
    • Launch and optimize new ROI positive (paid) campaigns