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Warmy's Affiliate Program - 25%, up to $69, for every new customer.

Warmy's Affiliate Program - 25%, up to $69, for every new customer.

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Warmy's Affiliate Program
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Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
  2. Other
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Warmy's Affiliate Program

Earn 25% commission, up to $69, for every new customer you refer to Warmy.

Everything is very simple:
✅ Sign up and get access to our partner program panel.
✅ Share your unique affiliate link with your referrals.
✅ Every month for the customers you refer 25% commission from every payment they make.

The affiliate program is carried out through First Promoter

Register here → Become Partner

Why partner with us?

Free and easy to join
We do not require any previously signed contract or certificates from you.

We do the hard work

User onboarding is totally on our side. You’ll get a percentage of the profit we make.

Added service to referrals

We have a dedicated team to help the leads from the Partner Program get full advantage of their trial at Warmy.

Easy money withdrawal

Get your money by simply requesting to withdraw money in your Partner Panel. Enjoy the ease of direct withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is Warmy?

Warmy is the best email deliverability tool to make your Email Channel Reliable. Warmy raises your reputation as a sender by interacting with real people about any topic in any language and helps your email to hit the inbox of your prospect. Everything is automated.

Who is eligible for Warmy's affiliate program?

Warmy's affiliate program is free to join for anybody. All affiliates must create an account through First promoter.

How does Warmy's affiliate program work?

Warmy affiliates earn 25% of revenue for each new customer that starts their paid subscriber. Each affiliate creates a custom account through First promoter that tracks their referrals in real time.

How do referral payouts work?

Partners will receive payments once a month. Payments are made through their preferred payment as specified in the First Promoter.

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