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Email data verification and analysis

  1. Devin@VeriAS
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    My name is Devin I work with a data hygiene service called Verias and I'd like to help you guys ensure you are reaching you audience accurately and effectively throughout your email marketing campaigns.

    By verifying, analyzing, and scoring your email address data we can effectively eliminate your bounce backs and strengthen your sender score. Maintaining a strong sender score will ensure that your emails will land in the customer’s inbox, this in-turn will increase the open rate and ROI of your marketing campaigns.

    In addition to cleaning your data, our analysis will utilize information including the subscriber’s opt-in/sign up location, online profiles and past behavior in order to score the data’s legitimacy.

    I’d be happy to run a demo of our service with a sample of your data at no charge in order to demonstrate how the system works and the benefits it will bring. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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