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utm6 for Google Analytics

Affiliate marketing software for Google Analytics

  1. Pierre Bazoge
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    Launch your affiliate marketing program in 5 minutes with a Google Connect, no dev required.

    Utm6 reconstructs the whole conversion funnel for every single eCommerce transactions or Goal in your Google Analytics.

    Then you can choose which attribution model you want to use to reward your affiliates fairly (position-based, linear, weighting, first/last click...).

    Because utm6 relies on GA to map your sources of trafic, every SEO backlink can be tracked as an affiliate link.

    The software also contains all the features required to manage a global affiliate marketing program: multi-currency, payment requests, CDN assets, affiliates access, reports...

    No setup fees, 15-day free trial, cancel anytime!

    PS: utm6 also analyses the performances of all other marketing channels, even if you don't work with affiliates.

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