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Upleap Affiliate Program

Help others grow their Instagram audience faster and get recurring commission at the same time.

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    Upleap Affiliate Program
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    1. Become An Affiliate For Free
      Getting started is simple. Participation is free and has no hidden costs. Expect recurring affiliate commission for the lifetime of each new subscriber you bring to the Upleap community!

    2. Generate Your Custom URL
      Once you've joined Upleap's affiliate program, you can generate your own affiliate URL to share with your community, clickfunnel, or anything else that'll generate you signups and revenue.

    3. Share Your URL Everywhere
      Sharing your URL is crucial to earning yourself recurring commission. We value affiliates of all sizes, but we really appreciate affiliates that build out custom funnels to really snowball their own recurring revenue. The more subscribers we get, the more recurring commission you'll see.

      Our top affiliates get paid out over $10k monthly.

    4. Track Earnings & Get Paid
      You'll be able to track every new subscriber you bring to Upleap through your own dedicated affiliate panel. Each subscriber you bring to Upleap delivers you a 30% commission for every month they stay subscribed to Upleap.