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Traxillion Performance Tracking Software

The Ultimate Affiliate Performance Tracking Software

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    Are you an Ad Network, Agency or Advertiser looking to significantly reduce costs associated with your tracking platform?


    Welcome to Traxillion!

    Traxillion is the ultimate performance marketing software that provides you with all of the tools to manage your business.

    Track, analyze and optimize all of your metrics in one place.

    With Traxillion, you can lower your cost by 90% as we do not charge for clicks, but only on conversions!

    Gain access to our robust fraud detection tools, programmatic optimization features, intuitive billing system and much more!

    Real-time statistics, multidimensional reporting and analytics provide you with data to make those important decisions.

    Experience efficient offer management with our intelligent offer puller.

    Pull, verify, rename and set live hundreds of offers within minutes.

    Our team has been in the performance marketing space for over 10 years and understand the frustrations of marketers.

    Get your own affiliate network up and running in a few minutes!

    Our tech support will guide you through every step of the way.

    Too good to be true?

    Make it a reality and operate your CPA network the right way.

    Learn more at Traxillion.com and get access to your free trial today!