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Tranding.bid - Advertising network. Push notifications, Branding, Banner, Clickunder.

100% live traffic, more than 100 million impressions per day, CPM from 0,015 USD + high ROI

  1. Tranding.Bid
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    Platform Name:
    Traffic Types:
    • PPV
    Minimum Deposit:
    500 RUB
    Payment Types:
    • Other
    [email protected]
    Advertising network Trading.bid. Push notifications, Branding, Banner, Clickunder.

    Several reasons why we are better.
    • Huge coverage
    • Vibrant statistics
    • Global Internet traffic
    • Targeting
    • Management of ads 24/7
    • Intuitive interface
    • Full analytics
    • Quick start

    Push notifications.
    Small pop-up notifications that appear on the computer screen and mobile devices.
    Only a subscribed user will see notifications.
    Notifications are not shown on mobile devices at night.
    • Relevant format
    • Visibility 95%
    • 100% live traffic
    • CPM from 0.015 USD
    The background and the header of the site are made out in the style of the advertiser.
    Due to its size and location, this advertising format vividly demonstrates your product or service.
    The format ensures maximum user involvement.
    The user will not miss your ad!
    • Image-type format
    • Visibility 100%
    • Maximum involvement
    • CPM from 0.015 USD
    Banners combine the branding and marketing function.
    Interactive banners allow you to involve the audience from the moment of viewing.
    The RTB auction system and fine-tuning of targeting ads allow you to customize the campaign in detail and get the desired result.
    • Time-tested format
    • Interactivity
    • Maximum involvement
    • CPM from 0.015 USD
    Habitual, but continue to be valid format that allows you to attract the maximum number of users.
    No additional advertising materials are required, the visitor immediately gets to your site.
    • Maximum of visitors
    • No creatives required
    • CPC from 0.003 USD

    Almost all affiliate offers show good performance: nutra, men health, gambling, finance, casino, betting, crypto, etc.

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    skype: live:trandingbid
    telegram: @trandingbid
    telegram channel: tranding.bid
    email: [email protected]

Recent Reviews

  1. Mario Rossi
    Mario Rossi
    Beware, they haven't real traffic, you don't get any conversions. Also they are selective scammer. Stay away or lose your money.