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One of the top adult ad networks in the industry!

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    TrafficHaus is an elevated adult ad serving platform that allows publishers and advertisers greater control of their inventory and investments. At TrafficHaus you can buy adult advertising or Sell Adult advertising with the click of a button. The platform itself is built by publishers for publishers and uses a variable CPM model with proprietary algorithms based on a self-serve live bidding platform.

    For the initial phase, it operates as a run-of-network platform available for publishers to use freely to sell their inventory to their client base. Advertisers are also able to use the TrafficHaus platform to resell existing inventory they are unable to monetize. Our proprietary algorithm incorporates key information including, but not limited to, the advertiser’s bid and budget, set minimums, and geographical limits. Then, based on the bid and comparative data, the system allocates the traffic accordingly.

    Our advertisers have complete control to select ad size, location, volume, device(s) to advertise on, and price they wish to pay allowing them the flexibility to quickly adjust bids in real time, grow exposure, and take control of their ROI.