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Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads

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Platform Name
Traffic Nomads
Traffic Types
  1. PPC
  2. Display
  3. Mobile
  4. Adult
  5. Native
  6. Other
Minimum Deposit
Payment Types
  1. Wire
  2. Paypal
  3. Payoneer
  4. CC
  5. Other
Created by experienced media buyers, Traffic Nomads is one of the few push ad networks in the market with its own push notifications userbase. With an intuitive self-service platform and expert media buying advice, advertisers can achieve the results they are looking for seamlessly.

TrafficNomads was built by MOBIPIUM, an affiliate network specializing in mobile offers.

Why Traffic Nomads?
  • Own push notifications userbase
  • Tested Premium Sources
  • Dedicated campaign managers to help you reach your goals
  • Personalized optimization & media buying tips every week
  • Self-service platform w/ multiple targeting options

Ad Formats Available:

✅ Push notifications
✅ Pops
✅ In-Page
✅ Banner
✅ Native
✅ Calendar

Best Performing Verticals

Almost any offer can be advertised in TrafficNomads, but these are the ad formats with the best performance so far:
  • Dating
  • Crypto
  • Mobile offers (MVAS)
  • Casino and Betting Games
  • Sweepstakes
  • eCommerce

Advanced Targeting
  • Geolocation
  • Connection (wifi, carrier)
  • Carrier type based on the country
  • Operating System
  • Device
  • Traffic type (premium, standard, and remnant)
  • User activity level
  • IP range

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Self-Service Platform

The platform was created by experienced media buyers, with fellow media buyers in mind. If you do not use any third-party tracking software, you will have access to management and optimization tools on the platform in two different sections: Stats & Optimization and Reports. The design is clean, simple and intuitive so you are able to quickly visualize, analyze and optimize your campaigns, all in one place.

Stats & Optimization


In Stats & Optimization visualize the performance of each campaign: altogether, by date, ad, source, or zone. As you analyze, adjust the bids of each source and zone, pause ads and create blacklists with just a few clicks.

Stats & Optimization Table - Date preview:


Stats & Optimization Table - Ad preview:

Stats & Optimization Table - Campaign/Source preview:


Besides Stats & Optimization dashboard, Traffic Nomads has a detailed reporting section where you can visualize and analyze your data. Multiple filters and simple graphs will help you visualize the data you need to make decisions quickly.



TrafficNomads Payment Options

Funding your account is easy. TrafficNomads accepts credit cards, wire transfers, Paxum and PayPal. The minimum funding amount is $50.

Money deposited through credit card and PayPal become available immediately, while wire-transferred funds only become available once received by TrafficNomads’ accounting department. Invoices are issued at the end of each calendar month with the amount you've spent during that month and sent via email to your finance department.

Join Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads is a self-service ad network built for all kinds of media buyer profiles: digital marketing agencies, content providers or independent media buyers. Whatever your level of expertise is, if you are looking for good quality traffic and an ad network you can trust (and learn from!) we invite you to visit Traffic Nomads website and or register directly here.
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