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TheOptimizer Mobile

TheOptimizer Mobile 2019-04-04

Product Name
TheOptimizer Mobile
Starter $99/mo | Pro $199/mo | Master $299/mo
Payment Types Accepted
  1. CC
How does TheOptimizer Mobile help you get the most out of your Pop/Redirect/Push campaigns?

Delivers combined spend, revenue and more in one single dashboard.
  • Accurate spent, revenue and profit on a Campaign / Publisher / and Ad level. This way you know exactly where your money is going on a super granular level.
  • Traffic Source to tracker click difference. Super useful to keep your click-loss under control and avoid traffic sources over-charging you for clicks that never get to your sales page.
Keeps your campaigns performance under control on autopilot
  • Pause under-performing Campaigns / Publishers / Push Creatives when certain conditions are met (clicks, cost, conversions, revenue, etc)
  • Start profitable Campaigns / Publishers / Push Creatives automatically. Extremely useful for delayed conversions. A simple condition like IF ROI > 0% will do the magic
Keep up with the competition even when you’re sleeping by
  • Bidding aggressively during high competition hours regardless of the targeted geo time zone.
  • Automatically reset your bids at a specific amount on hours you need less traffic
Improve your Campaign results by
  • Automatically scaling your budgets up and down based on the actual campaign performance
  • Automatically change bids according to the traffic source you're running your campaigns on. This badass functionality gives you better control over your bidding strategy (as well as give a hard time to your competitors)
  • Crating your own automatic publisher blacklists that you share and re-use among several campaigns
So what traffic networks and Ad formats does TheOptimizer currently support?
  • PropellerAds, Zeropark, PopAds, PopCash, Clickadu, ExoClick (pops), Plugrush (pops), HilltopAds and RTX Platform. If these 9 traffic networks are not enough, feel free to leave a comment below with the next traffic source you'd like to see integrated on our platform
  • Either targeting Desktop or Mobile devices, we do support Pop and Redirect traffic campaigns from all the above listed traffic sources. As well as Push traffic from two of the biggest high volume sources like PropellerAds and Zeropark.
Is TheOptimizer Mobile compatible with my tracking platform?
  • Yes! We do support the highest number of click tracking platforms: Voluum / Thrive / FunnelFlux / Bemob / Binom / / AdsBridge.
  • And in case you are using your own tracker or no tracker at all, it’s all good! You can still automate your campaigns optimization process using traffic network stats only (conversions and revenue).
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