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The SSL Store™ - The Best Affiliate Program

The SSL Store™ - The Best Affiliate Program

Programs Name
The SSL Store™ Affiliate Program
Visit Website
10% for Retail Customers, 5% for Enterprise Customers & 5% for Resellers
Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
  2. Check
Referral Period
1 year
World is getting digital day by day. Everything is available online, from information to things which we buy at stores. As much this online world is getting advanced, that much security is getting tight. Everyone knows the importance of online security. SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificates, is number one when it comes to securing any website.

We The SSL Store™, are the largest reseller of SSL Certificates in the world and also the first Platinum Specialized Partner of Symantec. If you are looking to make some extra bucks from the visitors of your website, then we have one offer for you. Everyone needs security for their website, your visitors are not an exception. Here we offer an affiliate program, from which you can make some good amount of money.

If you are not sure what the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificates are, here I’m providing you a little information on it. SSL Certificates are small files including data which are encoded with a digital key. It holds the details of an organization. Once it’s installed, it will offer the safe connection between a web server and a browser.


It’s divided in three parts namely, Domain Validation Certificate, Organization Validation Certificate & Extended Validation Certificate.

DV (Domain Validation) Certificate: To issue this certificate, certificate authority checks the rights of the user, to know that they are registered with the domain name they are applying. Once you apply, you will be asked to confirm the mail.

OV (Organization Validation): When someone apply for this certificate, certain verification is done to check that organization is what it says. In this company information is displayed in the Secure Site Seal when someone visit the site.

EV (Extended Validation) Certificate: This certificate offers the highest security compared to other SSL Certificate. Procedure to apply for this certificate is not that easy. Applicant of the certificate, is asked to provide all the detailed information regarding the address proof of the company and it is checked thoroughly, whether the address proof provided is same with the registration of Government. Certain guidelines are followed while carrying the procedure. All the major companies like Google and many more use this type of certificate. For clue, it offers green pad with company name in URL. It offers digital site seal, means company details, and current date & time is showed in site seal.

Everyone knows how cyber-crime is increasing daily, and some of the dangerous threats happened recently like Heartbleed, Poodle & Shellshock are some biggest proof that we need tight web security. Due to recent growth in cybercrime it’s not new to say that SSL Certificates are trending as it provides one of the best security. It provides safety from all the major types of security attacks like Spamming, Scamming, Phishing, Malware, Crypto-Ransomware and many more. It also lets the user know, whether website contains any virus such as Trojan horse. As per the recent analysis it has been revealed that there are chances of 32.52% growth in between 2014-2019. So you can imagine great amount of growth in market size & sales revenue.


We have more than 50 SSL experts globally, who are entirely committed towards providing support and security. Be a part of us, and also earn at the same time. If you have questions, like how you will be able to handle, then leave it on us, we will do all the major work for you.

What to Expect:

At the time of joining, immediately you will get $20 as a bonus for signing up. You will get 10% commission for any Retail Customers, 5% on Enterprise Customers & also 5% commission for Resellers. You won't believe but we also offer commission more than once, so if someone comes by your reference, you will get commission every time they purchase from us for the first year. We offer payment by Check or through PayPal. Once your account reach $50, you can do withdrawal whenever you want. We offer robust tracking & reporting system, which will provide you accurate reports. You can look at the statistics, or review reports for the commissions you've earned any time you want. We have an expert team who specifically monitors and optimize our site for you.

How it Works:

Once the visitor clicks affiliate link or any banner from your site, the IP address is noted and a cookie is placed for tracking them and when they land on our site, it’s not necessary they will purchase at the same time. If they didn’t purchase first time & come back within 90 days period and purchase any product from us, you will still receive your commission.

Get along with Best Brands:


The SSL Store™ is the leading reseller of all the best brands. Here are the brands which are offered by us- Symantec, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, thawte, Comodo & Certum.

Reasons to Choose Us:

We are globally recognized, and we carry the products which are most trusted and popular around the world. We offer prices which are hard to deny. We offer highest commission program in web security world. We have team of experts, who are only focused towards SSL. We offer best control panel with live stats and monthly reports. Our payment procedure is really fast, within 48 hours of your withdrawal request payment is done and your sign-up is absolutely free of cost. To sign-up go over here SSL Affiliate Program – The SSL Store™ offer Highest Paying SSL Affiliate Program
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