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The most usable cryptocurrency in the universe!

Dagcoin-is our future!

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    Dagcoin is a cryptonym, built without the use of Blockchain. At the heart of the coin lies the innovative DAG (directed acyclic graph) technology, the main advantage of which is the ability to make a significantly larger number of transactions per second than it can do today any of the existing solutions on Blockchain. This cryptocurrency is an asset built on the platform and the Byteball network, in addition to the Byteball internal currency, bytes. Dagcoin and Byteball will develop together and complement each other. The name Dagcoin originates from the abbreviation DAG, which stands for the Directed Acyclic Graph (directed acyclic graph), and this name is associated with the DAG-chain technology used in this cryptocurrency. This project was created with the goal of effectively promoting both the currency itself and the information about it, thanks to very generous marketing. For this purpose, it was decided to use the partner program, the affiliate marketing business model, as this is one of the most effective ways of speedy promotion of cryptocurrency in modern realities.
    Dagcoin is able to provide hundreds of thousands of transactions per second! For understanding, Bitcoin can only perform 7 transactions, the best representatives of Blockchain (such as for example, Ripple) - from 200 to 1000 transactions per second. Thus, thanks to Dagcoin, people can make very fast micropayments, which in turn can be applied in many industries, not only in e-commerce. The project is based on the latest (including in terms of technology) DAGcoin cryptocurrency (2017) - not to be confused with Dagcoin in 2012, it's just a namesake. The coin was developed on an improved and more modern, powerful base, as the company works with some of the best specialists in cryptocurrency. In Dagcoin, for the first time, the transaction processing rate for transactions with VISA or MasterCard cards was reached - hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. Undoubtedly, this is a breakthrough in this area, given that Bitcoin can handle only 7 transactions per second, the most advanced crypto-currencies based on Blockchain-technology - from 200 to 1000 transactions per second. Before the developers of Dagcoin, there was a task to create a cryptocurrency that would allow making transactions instantly, as it is done with the help of the usual bank cards, and they managed to achieve it! Also, a significant reduction in transaction fees was achieved, compared to BTC and analogues. This cryptocurrency is based on the advanced technology of the DAG-chain, while most other altcoins work on the outdated Blockchain technology. The original technology was already quite powerful and had a good potential, but the DAGcoin founders invested heavily in it and improved it significantly. Another important point - people will be able to make very fast micro-payments.
    The creators of Dagcoin take care of the financial literacy of their investment partners, which help them to develop, that's why you buy not just a package of coins, but also additional education in the cryptocurrency market and trading!
    BASIC. The basic course provides a basic overview of the definitions used in the field of cryptocurrency and sales. Coins do not accrue! The price: € 20. The maximum bonus is € 100.
    STARTER. The course for beginners is great for an initial study of cryptocurrency, as well as the basics of marketing and sales. After completing the course, the student is awarded 1000 dagcoins. The price: € 100. The maximum bonus is € 500.
    EXPLORER. The course for researchers gives a deeper insight into what a cryptocurrency is, and how to succeed in the art of selling. After completing the course, the student is awarded 5000 dagcoins. Price: € 500. The maximum bonus is € 2500.00.
    ADVANCED. The advanced course teaches the technical aspects of cryptocurrency and brings your skills in the field of sales to the advanced level. After completing the course, the student is awarded 10000 dagcoins. The price: € 1000. The maximum bonus is € 5000.
    EXPERT. The course for experts teaches you how to become an outstanding speaker and present your ideas to the public. After the completion of the course, the student is awarded 30000 dagcoins. The price: € 2500. The maximum bonus is € 12500.
    PRO. The course for professionals teaches how to become a professional in sales, and gives detailed guidance in the field of psychology and human behaviour. After completing the course, the student is awarded 60000 dagcoins. The price: € 5000. The maximum bonus is € 25000.
    MENTOR. The mentor's course is an intensive course, allowing you to become a high-class leader and an excellent teacher. After the completion of the course, the student is rewarded with 175000 dagcoins. Price: € 12500. The maximum bonus is € 35,000.
    INVESTOR. The rate of the investor. A more in-depth course on digital assets, markets, trading and investment. After completing the course, the student is awarded 350.000 dagocities. The price: € 25000. Maximum bonus: € 50000
    The appearance of this coin on crypto-exchange exchanges is scheduled for March-April 2018. The growth in the price of cryptocurrency is difficult to predict, as it is influenced by a lot of factors, but if you focus on the development of Byteball, which also uses the DAG-chain, then the mood should be extremely positive. Dagcoin has a very large potential, because this cryptocurrency, in fact, solves the main problem of blocking coins today - the speed and cost of transactions!
    In order to popularize and promote the crypto-moneys on the DAG-chain to the masses in the shortest possible time, the organizers developed a partner system. The basis is binary marketing, which can be quite interesting to representatives of the network business. Accordingly, to buy Dagcoin today, before the moment of the coin's exit on the ICO / stock exchange, you can only purchase the package according to the marketing plan.
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