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An AI driven Bulk Email Marketing Service

  1. Abhi Shah
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    If you are looking for the best email service for a web application, then let me recommend you SwipeMail.

    They are the lowest cost provider, they provide fast and reliable email delivery, and they offer all the email marketing tools at a fraction of a cost!

    With SwipeMail, you can send Unlimited emails at just $20 per month.

    SwipeMail have a very comprehensive set of tools for handling any size of email campaigns.

    SwipeMail provide a SMTP and powerful API that gives you full access to reports and allows you to manage your contacts and data.

    SwipeMail offer advanced newsletter and marketing tools that let you measure engagement, track delivery, create lists and more to build your brand and connect with your audience.

    Thanks to SwipeMails powerful segmentation you are able to optimize your list management by segmenting your contacts. Plus organize and create multiple lists to customize your contacts.

    SwipeMail provide the detailed contact analytics that allows you track your subscriber engagement and customize your email marketing campaigns for better results.

    SwipeMail offer many more features and great 24/7 Live Chat support too, so if you would like to give SwipeMail a try, feel free to visit website to know more about SwipeMail, and if you have some questions or concerns, feel free to contact me anytime!

    Pricing Table of SwipeMail

    Why SwipeMail?
    SwipeMail is creating the new standard for email marketing and delivery.
    We have built our own i-MTA (An AI driven Mail Transferring Agent) which keeps itself updated with the recent ISP's anti-spam policies, user's online behavior across the internet and enables smart delivery for your emails.

    The email list received from email marketers are most of the time are non-optin and full of spam traps, even with a high-quality list the same problem is found. We have built filters that remove the suspicious from the data in real-time and target the genuine email addresses.

    When you trust us with tracking what happened to your emails, we take that seriously and do not miss a beat. We interpret dozens of data and activities to give you visibility on your email traffic.

    We believe in the philosophy of real time. And hence, from sending the email to publishing report to provide help to our customers- Everything is real time. Don’t wait in queue when you need a help- Jusy say “Hi”
    on our live 24/7 chat support and we will be there.

    We protect your company’s data and your customer’s privacy with industry-standard encryption and privacy policies. We employ best practices for network security and HTTPS- encrypted communication. We never reach out to your users without your permission or share their private data with any third party, ever.

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  1. TheGuy007
    This is really a cool offer for affiliate emails. I signed up and got 1M email credits for just $100. Since they are running introductory offer. Delivery is so far excellent.
    1. Abhi Shah
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      If you need any kind of help you can ping me.