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Simple email marketing platform & SMTP service

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    SMTPBOXES welcomes every non-spammer no matter the purpose of your email!
    It can be transactional or mass, it can be for online or offline product. We just don't allow sending cold emails to EU (as it is forbidden and part of GDPR requirements) although cold emails are allowed to 15 more countries! US,Russia,India and more!

    SMTPBOXES is cheap and reliable
    By choosing us you'll get smtpbox (server) specially designed for email services. If you are a fan of dedicated resources you'll be in love of all advantages we have over cloud/shared solutions. The system works that the more fair user you're the more IPs are involved for your email campaigns which brings really high INBOX rates.
    Pricing is more than competitive. The cheapest plan is $26.99/month while the most expensive is $298.99/month - choice for small and big marketers. Each plan gives you unlimited relays and the difference come from the fact that the smtpbox you choose have different characteristics and potentials.

    SMTP secure and Online platform
    Our service is 2in1
    If you need SMTP connection only and you have something in mind, like using your own SMTP client or another more advanced platform (such as sendy & mailwizz) you can place your SMTPBOX details there and start sending! Works flawlessly.
    OR you can use our simple online platform that does the most important things an email marketer needs.
    Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

    Trial option available
    You can try our service for as little as 1.99 EUR and send more than 2k emails in the time frame of 1 week. We can also setup DKIM and SPF settings to your domain if you don't know how. They are important for your high delivery rate AND we do that for FREE!​

    Website: Send emails all over the world cheap and easily!

    Thank you for your time reading this!