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  1. smartXads
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    smartXads is self-service platform for both adult advertisers and adult publishers. With years of industry experience in both publishing and advertising, we decided to build our own platform with the right tools to do the job. So smartXads was born and with it came un-blockable responsive ad-zones able to show both images, text and video across all platforms and devices.

    As an advertiser, you will find that our keyword crawling and timed, targeted and retargeted ads will empower you to create successful and profitable media campaigns for almost any product you market. We offer all the banner zones and type you will need and our system has state of the art fraud protection and filtering capabilities. Sample our traffic and see for yourself why we are called smartXads!

    We provide you with the best tools to secure that you get the most bang for your traffic. We offer you to get paid per click or pay per impression depending on the campaign that runs on your website. Naturally all via state of the art and smart ad types. Our modern web based dashboard allows you to track you traffic and if you want to, our system can even analyze your traffic for you. This way we make sure that you get the most value for your traffic!

    Never miss an impression and always get paid with smartXads