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You might wonder why shorten links?
Well, if you do affiliate marketing, you want your link to be appealing, and short. Most affiliate links are two sentences long and have distinct refferal elements to it, that might cost you your lead. That's the main reason why you should use link shorteners when doing affiliate marketing.

Why is not just another link shortener, because it offers a complete platform that helps your brand grow and gets more clicks on your short links. It's not just a regular link shortener. It has lots of useful things, like:

  • Creating your own special short links
  • Keeping track of your links and seeing who clicks on them
  • Customizing and changing QR codes
  • Creating a special bio page for all your links

And also these useful features for your links:

  • Ability to make Custom Landing pages
  • CTA overlays
  • Event tracking
  • Smart targeting
  • Branded Domain names
  • Campaign management
  • Team Management
  • API access (enterprise only) keeps getting better and adding more things to help you online and make your brand stronger. If you pick, you get a strong and flexible tool that takes care of everything with your links. This makes your marketing better and gets more people interested.

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