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Shopbook Accounting Software

Accounting, Billing and Inventory Software with Barcode Generator for Small Business

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    You have a Shop or Small Business, have all the books and software to manage your purchase, sales, accounting, Point of Sale billing, inventory, income and expenses - but here is Shopbook - An easy way to do the Job.

    Developed in Microsoft Access, Shopbook imparts experience of using a Microsoft Access Accounting Database and Microsoft Excel Accounting Software Combined.

    Shopbook has seven modules viz.

    Purchase Register - Make Purchase Order, Request for Quotation, Goods Receipt Voucher
    Sales Register - Make Invoices and Bills, Quotations, Delivery Notes, Stores Demand & Issue Voucher
    Payment Register - Manage Payables, Statement of Payables & Payables Summary
    Receipt Register - Manage Receivables, Statement of Receivables & Receivables Summary
    Statement & Reports - Print Item List, Price List, Inventory Status Reports, Gross Profit Reports
    General Ledgers - Cash Book, Bank Book, Day Book, Account Balance, Trial Balance
    Administration - Setup Business Profile, Add Users and Access Control

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