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We have a PPS offer for everyone with an adult (or any relevant) legal traffic.

We are not a network, just an online store selling sex dolls and running its own affiliate program. CPA networks are welcome to contact us too.

You will earn 10% with our affiliate program which could bring you $100+ for every sale generated by your affiliates.

Hold time is 2 weeks after delivery. Total it’s ~1 week production + 1 to 2 weeks shipping + mentioned 2 weeks .

Our affiliate program is available automatically after registration and in “my account” section you’ll see an “affiliate program” option with 3 types of links and some banners. You can create your own banner, just show it for approval or we can make a banner or button tailored to your site.

We can generate your own coupon code - it will help you to attract more potential buyers. There are a lot of ref links haters but everyone loves discounts and and if somebody used your coupon during checkout - you’ll be paid (if buyer is not connected to somebody else, of course). This way you need no links - just type our url and your coupon code and you’re done. Chats, forums, social networks, guest posts - you name it, use it anywhere you normally post. There is no need to own a site in this case.

No cookies - anyone registered with your link, banner or coupon is yours forever.

About geo - we DO NOT SHIP to Islamic countries, India, Indonesia and Africa. So it’s useless to promote our stuff there.

Our payment system is paypal but we can think about other payment ways too - just let us know.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

PM us or drop your preferred contact way and you’ll be answered
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